FCA Surety

Looking for Construction, Developer, or Estate Bonds?

FCA has been providing Canadian companies with surety bonds since 1919.


Are you submitting a tender that requires a bond, or have you been awarded a contract with bonding requirements? FCA can help.


Do you need Deposit Financing or a Tarion Marketing Bond? FCA offers both.

Estate Executors

Have you been appointed as an estate executor? FCA has an affordable bonding solution for you.

100 Years of Experience

FCA has the expertise and resources to partner with construction firms of all sizes.

Trusted by Insurers

FCA has exceptional relationships with insurers; we can customize programs for all aspects of the construction industry.

Expert Staff

FCA employs four dedicated full-time surety brokers with over 50 years of combined experience.

FCA By The Numbers

  • Surety Bond experts since 1919
  • Combined 70+ years experience on our team
  • $1 Billion in bonded projects¬† across Canada
  • 80+ full time staff with three Canadian offices

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We’ve Been Issuing Surety Bonds For Over 100 Years.

We have set the industry standard for turnaround time for both new and existing clients. We pride ourselves in ensuring our clients never miss out on an opportunity.

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