FCA Surety can help with your:


Tarion Marketing Bonds

Rates as low as 0.5% for Condominium developers

Deposit Financing

Access your purchaser deposits for as low as 0.5% annually.

Site & Subdivision

Developers who are trying to secure site developments

Why Choose FCA Surety?

  • Our terms feature early access to deposits prior to bank financing
  • Minimal warranty security requirements upon condo registration
  • We are former developer surety underwriters, we understand the marketplace, and we deliver the best terms
  • We work with municipalities across Canada to develop custom bond wordings that are used in place of letters of credit
  • Tarion Marketing bond rates and deposit financing are available each for as low as 0.5% annually

Surety For Developers

Tarion Marketing & Warranty Bonds

Tarion Marketing & Warranty Bonds are bonds that are accepted by Tarion Warranty Corporation to secure your warranty obligations as a residential builder in Ontario.

Condominium Deposit Insurance

Condominium Deposit Insurance gives residential condominium developers access to purchasers’ deposits as a source of project financing. This insurance is also known as Deposit Financing.

Site & Subdivision Bonds

This bond provides a guarantee or security to local municipalities that the project will be completed by the contractor appropriately.

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