Contractor’s General Liability Insurance

by FCA Surety

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What is Contractor’s General Liability Insurance?

  • A type of insurance that provides contractors with protection against a range of potential common claims, including bodily injury, property damage or personal injury

What is Covered?

  • Bodily Injury – Includes injury to other persons at your business or on your client’s property.
  • Property Damage – Includes damage to the property under construction or related damages.
  • Cost of Defense – Includes cost of legal defense against any potential lawsuit

Surety Bond

Types of Contractors Insured by FCA

General Contractors


Heavy & Civil Trades

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs Contractor's General Liability Insurance?

Any individual or businesses providing contracting services should protect their business with a Contractor Insurance policy package.

    What is the cost of Contractor's General Liability Insurance?

    This will depend on the size of your business and scope of your operations.

    How can I get a quote?

    It all starts with a conversation, please head to our Contact Us page and choose any method of your preferred type of communication to talk to us.