Wrap Up Liability Insurance

by FCA Surety

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What is Wrap Up Liability Insurance?

A type of insurance that protects project owners, contractors, subcontractors, trades and consultants
from legal liability arising out of injury to a third party to the construction project.

What is Covered?

  • Dedicated limit of insurance: One policy covers your project
  • One insurer covers the owner and all the contractors: This avoids insurers trying to pass responsibility to one another for a loss and keeps your project moving forward.
  • Completed operations coverage: Wrap up policies cover not only the third party risk during construction but generally include a 12 or 24 month ‘completed operations’ period. This acts as a tailback protection on the completed work should there be a failure arising from their work.

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Types of Projects Insured by FCA

New Condominium Construction

New Low-Rise Housing Developments

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Wrap Up Liability Insurance cost?

This depends on the size, scope and duration of your project. The insurance premium is based on the hard costs of the project.

    My General Contractor has liability insurance, why do I need this coverage?

    Wrap Up Liability Insurance provides a policy that covers all contractors on site ensuring the project moves forward without delay in the event of a claim.

    How can I get a quote?

    It all starts with a conversation, please head to our Contact Us page and choose any method of your preferred type of communication to talk to us.